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Anish Mistry mistry.7@osu.edu
Sun, 5 Dec 2004 01:16:08 -0500

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On Sunday 14 November 2004 08:34 pm, Chris Anderson wrote:
> So as people have probably noticed, we've been rather dormant so far
> this year. Mostly this lies in me being too busy with class/work to do
> much of anything else this quarter, sorry about dropping the ball so
> far. After talking to Ted and Tony (among other people) we decided on a
> few things:
> 1) We're going to run a Debian mirror for powerpc and x86 on Freedom.
> Gentoo and/or Ubuntu will be considered depending on how much space we
> have. Right now we're ignoring Fedora and the like since that would be
> mostly an iso mirror while we're more interested in the actual package
> mirroring. Connections will be limited to something like 5-8 per SOC's
> request during the week, we can increase this on the weekends from the
> look of it.
> 2) Freedom will also begin hosting CVS repositories for groups in CS who
> need a place to work together (mainly for class, but we can obviously
> allow some exceptions).
> 3) We *might* allow user accounts (this would imply webspace as well).
> Depends how much space we have after the above 2 points.
> As for meetings, I'm open to suggestions.
I'd be willing to do a FreeBSD related talk, from things like getting=20
started, the ports, administration, updating, getting help, hacking the=20
kernel, hacking the ports, the PR system and how to get your stuff=20
committed.  Demoing some of the niftier features of FreeBSD such as jails,=
geom_gate, linux ABI, MP-SAFE subsystems, etc.  I'm in the process of=20
writing a company FreeBSD admin guide that I could probably use to the=20
base of the presentation.  I'd really like to see a good OSS video=20
editing/processing tutorial ie. avidemux2+mplayer+transcode+dvdauthor. =20
Anish Mistry

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