[opensource]club status

William R. Lorenz wrl@express.org
Sun, 12 Dec 2004 07:59:04 -0500 (EST)

Hi Brian,

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004, BRIAN DITTMER wrote:

> Hey guys...just wondering what the status was on this club?  Are there 
> ever any meetings.  If not why?  It shouldn't be too hard to get 
> interested people to meet up at BW3s or somewhere and discuss where this 
> club is going to go, how to get it started again, etc.  I'm a sophomore 
> here and have never officially "joined" the club or have really talked 
> with any of it's members.  If anyone is interested in kick-starting this 
> thing let me know.  If people are already trying drop me an email, I'd 
> be more than willing to help. I look forward to hearing from...someone.

I'm interested in helping to kick-start the club, get something else 
going, or just meeting others knowledgeable in OSS at the university.  I 
have no idea what Chris is doing lately, but maybe he'll also have time.

Oddly enough, I'm in Cleveland for the weekend to do some OSS-related 
consulting, but I'll be in Columbus again for this upcoming week.  If you 
want to get together, I think either Tuesdays or Thursdays might be $0.30 
wing night at BW3s or something.  One of the roommates goes there more 
often, so I'll ask him about their schedule and see what's the good word.

I could sit around and shoot the shit about OSS for hours, so I'm sure 
we'll have lots to talk about, even regardless of the cost of wings. ;)

You can reach me via cell at 614-778-8158 (anytime) or via email.

If you have a cell number, feel free to send it over.