[opensource]essential description of near Newtonian subspace

Saber Taylor staylor@bigw.org
Thu Dec 16 16:07:48 EST 2004



     My brother Jason Arthur Taylor is lazy and just plays the stock
market all day instead of pursuing his immortality gaol [no sic].

     Rishikesh or Jeff H., do either of you know a succinct mathematical
description of, to use a natural language, "personal Newtonian space"? My
brother always says that his ratio of language i.q. to math i.q. is very

     Rishi, Kevin Leidheiser is coming from Japan with his girlfriend and
renting a monster truck during his holiday visit. It should be fun. Jeff,
I would like to be included in the Mormon's private Internet archive. You
are the only Mormon that I've ever met. If this email bounces, then I
apologize to the smtp server admins.

     Since I am dunning my brother, Jason Taylor, with my Festivus
(Christmas) gift, I will describe the gift in case someone else would like
to duplicate such a feat.

In a plain white envelope with no conformal field markings, inside normal
wrapping paper, I will enclose a plain piece of paper with the following
typed words:



I have enclosed a $1.00 bill inside the other wrapped gift. It has
',000,000' written on it in iodine along with three words.

As has been eminently shown by many computer researchers, the only way to
tell if you have a stealth trojan on your computing system, is when you
notice a degradation of computing resources.

You are working for the National Security Agency.

[(indentation)] [provides quote from Richard Feynman's autobiographies
where he is hypnotized successfully.]

There exists an explanation why you are rude to your family.

Would you like to sit in sensory deprivation tanks in Washington D.C. next
year while the other siblings are skiing? I need 3 months duration to
prepare so that I can get some work done in [write the math prerequisite
rather than just say something about the brain].

Richard Feynman sat in a tank once. He was provided with the highest
possible honor from the herd to be allowed to be a scientist. He used to
barbecue hamburgers on the Interstate highway and his wife died of cancer.

I approve of your strategy to eat the same genetically modified food as
the senior government officials. If you were not aware of your strategy,
then let me inform you that the secret service reportedly purchases food
stuff from various groceries in the Washington D.C.

You may also wish to consider who else is amoral and has a high power i.q.
in Joules/s.

If you wish me to provide you with sensory deprivation, then send the
following characters to staylor@bigw.org 'ASDFUIO' with 'neural dump' in
the subject header.


On second thought, he doesn't deserve it. He's just getting the one dollar

937-372-6144 (requires: completion of mother-gauntlet!)
staylor@bigw.org (checked regularly)

upon advice from local system resources, I am not provided md5, sha-1, and
other checksums for this email.

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