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Saber Taylor staylor at bigw.org
Wed Dec 29 21:23:23 EST 2004

Please accept -- without negative acknowledgement packet, my save-file
scumming (apology) for inane message, Message-ID:
<Pine.OSX.4.58.0412160929110.13579 at claudius.bigw.org>.

Anyhow, I would like it if someone would add a feature to the Gnome
workspaces panel.

Currently there are four panes that you may click on to change desktops.

In the bottom-right pane I would like to have an Internet enabled group
area. You could provide monthly hash tokens that allow entrance.

There are three possible methods of implementing this work space and
should be considered mutually exclusive:
1.) Use native X-windows client-server for transport of interaction arena.
2.) Write a simplistic software. For example, a simple client/server in
python and a cut and paste text API that passes to gedit process.
Advantage: conforms data to a prefixed set of allowances. Psychologically
conceivable and achievable. Data throughput requirements feasible for 28
3.) Use existing groupware, Jabber, or such-like.

Difficulty: medium to hard.

Alternate implementation:

4.) Probably 10 lines of configuration edits.

Difficulty: difficult.

Motivation: I am having difficulty utilizing 'int SDL_FillRect(SDL_Surface
*dst, SDL_Rect *dstrect, Uint32 color);' and know that small coteries of
hackers provide high-value trading bazaars.



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