[opensource]State of the .... mutex?

Chris Anderson chris@nullcode.org
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 20:34:25 -0500

So as people have probably noticed, we've been rather dormant so far this
year. Mostly this lies in me being too busy with class/work to do much of
anything else this quarter, sorry about dropping the ball so far. After
talking to Ted and Tony (among other people) we decided on a few things:

1) We're going to run a Debian mirror for powerpc and x86 on Freedom.
Gentoo and/or Ubuntu will be considered depending on how much space we
have. Right now we're ignoring Fedora and the like since that would be
mostly an iso mirror while we're more interested in the actual package
mirroring. Connections will be limited to something like 5-8 per SOC's
request during the week, we can increase this on the weekends from the
look of it.

2) Freedom will also begin hosting CVS repositories for groups in CS who
need a place to work together (mainly for class, but we can obviously
allow some exceptions).

3) We *might* allow user accounts (this would imply webspace as well).
Depends how much space we have after the above 2 points.

As for meetings, I'm open to suggestions.

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