[opensource]Re: Linux and the Silicon Image 'RAID' card

Nick Dimiduk ndimiduk@gentoo.org
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:18:17 -0400

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Nandan wrote:
| Hi all,
| I was trying a gentoo install over a four disk array
| attached to a software RAID card using the Sil0680
| chipset. I used the POST card program to 'dissolve'
| the raid sets, and expected to see the raw disks
| at /dev/sd* or /dev/hd* but they weren't there.

AFAIK, that card isn't supported as a RAID device in linux.  It has a
crappy chipset and isn't consistent as an IDE controller, let alone for
RAID.  I know this because I have one myself.  Check that.  I threw mine
away.  If you must use it, I would advise against using it for anything

| When I attached another disk to the mobo's IDE I
| got /dev/hda, so I stepped thru the install and
| everything went fine. The smp kernel hangs on
| loading scsi (cdrom is scsi, aic78xx) so I used
| the gentoo kernel, with params doscsi & noapic.
| The box has dual procs though, so I suppose that
| means I won't get the faster compiles I'd been
| counting on.

For starters, try using the kernel from the livecd (or maybe one built
by Genkernel, though I don't use it so I'm not sure on that one).  If
you could boot the machine from that kernel, it should work locally.
Don't forget to grab the modules and initrd if you're copying the kernel
directly.  You can find the config used to build it in /proc.

| Any help, pointers greatly appreciated. So far
| Googling hasn't helped, tho it did clear up a
| few things about sw raid.

Like I said: can that POS RAID card.  Someone else might have better
advice to offer regarding the SCSI; I'm too poor to own a SCSI card
(hence the purchase of the cheap RAID controller). :)

| PS network is detected ok, and I'm doing a stage1

Not that there's anything wrong with a stage1 install (other than the
72-hour set-up time), but why bother?  Just install from stage3,
customize your USE flags, emerge sync, and you'll be re-building the
whole system anyway.  I think portage-2.0.51 has a feature that will
detect and rebuild everything affected by a change to your USE flags anyway.

Just my advice.

- -Nick Dimiduk

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