[opensource] Ohio LinuxFest 2005 Update

Michael A. Meffie III meffiem at neo.rr.com
Tue Aug 16 18:12:43 EDT 2005

Please forword this announcement!

   Ohio LinuxFest 2005
   October 1, 2005
   Columbus, Ohio
   Greater Columbus Convention Center

****  Please register now at http://www.ohiolinux.org  ****

The Ohio LinuxFest volunteers have been working hard to make
the third annual Ohio LinuxFest the best yet.  This year's
event will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention
Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday October 1,

This year we will have three conference rooms near a large
expo area!

Scheduled speakers for this year's event are;
   * Rich Bowen - Apache
   * Jim McQuillian - Linux Terminal Server Project
   * Aaron Seigo - KDE
   * Ram Rao, HP - XEN
   * Kristian Kielhofner, Digium - The AstLinux Distribution
   * Ryan Quin - Symphony OS
   * John Van Ostrand - Open LDAP
   * Paul Ferris  - Batch Login Project
   * David Coulson, N2Net - High Availability Clustering with Linux
   * Scott Courtney - Virtual Server Farms with Mainframe Linux   
   * Richard Herrell - Practical Cross Platform SOAP and XML in C# Using Mono
   * Jon Maddog Hall, Linux International

Doors open at 8:00am for sign-in. Please join us in at the
after party following the conference. The after party will
be in Convention Center.

As in past years, the Ohio LinuxFest 2005 is a free event!
We will soon have an online form for individual donations.
Please check http://www.ohiolinux.org for more information.

          Ohio LinuxFest 2005 Sponsors

                 gold sponsors  
                silver sponsors                    
                 Hurricane Labs
                bronze sponsors
       Strickling Integrated Solutions, Inc.     
              Potential Technologies

Ohio LinuxFest Needs You!

1. Please share this announcement with your LUG members,
   friends, co-workers, students, and family!  We need
   your help to promote the LinuxFest. 

2. Want to help sponsor the LinuxFest? In order to create
   a great event, this year's LinuxFest is being sponsored
   by companies and individuals.  

3. Want to help with the event? Drop us an email at
   team at ohiolinux.org.  We are an all volunteer
4. This year we are featuring a .org section for non-profit
   organizations. Send requests to team at ohiolinux.org if 
   your project or user group would like to have a display

   Michael Meffie
   team at ohiolinux.org
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