[opensource] Programmer needed for online survey project

Tingting Lu ltingting77 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 16:28:29 EST 2005

A computer programmer is needed immediately to help
construct a Web-based survey for a research project
headed by Prof. Li Gong in the School of Communication
at OSU.
The position is temporary with approximately 10-15
hours' workload (may fluctuate and also depend on your
skill level). It spans mainly the week of Feb. 21, and
possibly the week of Feb. 28 too. The hired programmer
will be paid $10/hour (negotiable). 
The main responsibilities include using MySQL to set
up the database and write up the server-end code to
record the questionnaire data. We have a graduate
student creating the front-end and writing the HTML
code for the questionnaire. 
 - proficiency in MySQL
 - programming skill with JSP and javascript are
highly preferred
 - Both U.S. citizen and international people qualify.
For international people, you need to have green card
(i.e., work authorization) or be an OSU student
preferably without a TA or RA assignment this quarter.

If interested, please reply to Tingting Lu at
lu.162 at osu.edu. 

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