[opensource] MythTV

Mike Roberto roberto.12 at osu.edu
Mon Jan 17 19:43:26 EST 2005

On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 00:16 +0000, Mark Carroll wrote:
> Does anyone have MythTV working pretty well with the local 
> Time Warner Pioneer STBs? I'm considering it as an alternative 
> to the *spit!* closed-source TiVo, and I'd certainly be glad
> of help from someone who's already got it all going.
> -- Mark

MythTV rules.  I've set it up here, just go through the documentation.
I installed using Mandrake contrib packages on my Mandrake box.

Only problem is that I have a 5 year old computer, so it's too slow to
use MythTV well, so I don't use it.  Whenever this machine dies, I'll
run it a lot.


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