[opensource] Women in Software: Open Source, Cold Shoulder

Ted Han hanja at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jan 18 07:32:11 EST 2005

I think your rant started far prior to your <** begin rant> tag...

Also, i'm not sure how ranting is supposed to solve the problem,  
particularly in an issue like this.  The entire computer science world  
suffers from a gender imbalance, if you want to claim that OSS is no  
different, flaming people is probably not the best way to win friends.   
And what you've placed between the rant tags isn't a rant, it's one long  
ad hominim which seems to serve no real purpose other than to insult oddly  
enough, the subject of this whole debate, that is, a woman.  You may not  
agree with her, you may think she has all her facts wrong, but all you've  
just demonstrated is that you can make presumptuous, stereotypical and  
generalizing comments about her.

Way to solve the problem.


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