[opensource] Women in Software: Open Source, Cold Shoulder

Jason Little little.129 at osu.edu
Tue Jan 18 08:43:07 EST 2005

She's actually fairly googlable, and in my opinion, has done a decent 
amount of work for an undergrad.

"She also spends her time working at the Citizen Lab, where she designs 
and implements programs to enumerate and circumvent state-imposed 
Internet content filtering. This summer (2004) she was working on a 
project called Helium to create a modular support framework for academic 
team programming projects. She is the system administrator for Pyre 
(Apache/Linux), a server used to host several Computer Science project 

> If active participant means blathering on on random fora on how she's being
> left out, I can imagine Ms. Levesque is one. But one might have expected to
> hear what project she's with, what code she's written, what OS she runs?
> Ten to one it's a mac, with fink's version of Python (since she heard it's a
> women-friendly language ;-) and she had trouble installing that, and asked on
> debian-devel by mistake, and got flamed, and got her (oops non PC phrase ending
> in '..in a bunch' deleted).

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