[opensource] fun project and a job

BRIAN DITTMER dittmer.6 at osu.edu
Wed Jan 19 15:02:33 EST 2005

Hey, I have two jobs I'm looking to fill.  The first is the company that I work for (www.tracerdigital.com) is looking for a cheap student graphic designer.  There will be zero coding, all we need is attractive looking website layouts.  When I say cheap I mean $10/hour cheap.  It's not a 40hr/week job...probably more like a 15hr/month job...or whenever we need you to pump out a good looking site design.  Anyone interested just fire an email back at this address.  Obviously we're going to need to see some of your prior work.  

The second job is more like a projet than a job.  A friend and I are entering a business in to the business builders competition.  I'm handling all the technical aspects of the business (it's a website) and he's handling all the business stuff (i.e. what the hell it's going to do, writting stupid papers, etc.).  Basically things would be a lot easier if a second person came on and helped me get the site running.  The platform has already pretty much been decided (although if someone wants to do it in PHP5 and use the PRADO framework with me we can do that too).  We'll be writting all the code in JSP 2.0 and J2SE 1.5 (because generics rock).  To make things run in the good MVC fashion we'll be using WebWork2 (www.opensymphony.com/webwork2/ note: jsp will act as the view).  Servlet engine is tomcat 5.5.4.  I still haven't decided if  we're going to use PostgreSQL (since 8 was just released today! yipee!) or MySQL.  That's still open for debate.  So if anyone has some spare tim
e (10 hours a week or so) and wants to play with some fun technologies let me know.  If we win you'll be the third owner of a new company!

Brian D

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