[opensource] Introductions

Nick Dimiduk dimiduk.1 at osu.edu
Tue Jan 25 23:51:17 EST 2005

So, I'd like to plan a small gathering for the purpose of introductions, 
shooting the shit, etc.  Ideally, this would occur on a Friday 
afternoon/evening as I have evening classes Monday through Thursday and 
take place at an establishment equipped with a well-stocked kitchen and 
cheap menu (reply to this thread with suggestions).  As this Friday is 
likely a bit short of notice, I'll open the suggested date with Friday, 
Feb. 4th.  Regardless of the when or where of it, I look forward to 
meeting some new blood as well as old friends ("meet them again, for the 
first time," et cetera, et cetera).

I'll open the location bidding with The Olde Bag of Nails in the Tremont 
Center.  Excellent pub food, $10 entrees.  With this recommendation 
comes the offer to drive a few of you.

--Nick Dimiduk

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