[opensource] Python hackers wanted

Matt Curtin cmcurtin at interhack.net
Fri Jun 24 11:37:40 EDT 2005

[Please pass this along if you know someone who might be interested.]

Interhack Corporation is a professional services firm with practice
areas in information assurance and forensic computing.  We're known
for our practical research (see http://www.interhack.net/pubs/) and
our approach to professional services that uses elite technical teams
to deliver unusual results.  More about Interhack can be found online
at http://web.interhack.com/.

We have a new application service for the real estate industry; this
is a serious opportunity for someone to see very hot technology being
applied in a practical way to real problems that people have everyday,
bringing dramatic change to an industry buried in paper.  If you're a
hacker who can speak Python and Web technology interested in being a
part of something great while you're finishing school, we've got quite
an opportunity for you.

Understanding a few other things will help:
 o Web stuff: HTML, HTTP, Apache, Zope, Plone
 o Unix
 o LaTeX Document Preparation System
 o Lisp [CSE 459.31 survivors especially encouraged to apply]

Nontechnical things you'll need:
 o Self-motivation.  I'm not going to try to talk you into doing
   things after you're hired.
 o Customer requirements.  As it turns out, people pay for what's
   useful to them, not interesting to you.
 o Time-management skills.  We've got a project coordinator who will
   help you balance priorities and whatnot, but if hitting a virtual
   timeclock to keep track of which projects you're working on is too
   much overhead for you, you're not going to make it here.  You'll
   also need to know when you're getting bogged down and not making
   progress so you can ask for help.

If you're interested, please send email to jobs at interhack.com, and
stick "Python" somewhere in the subject line.  All of the usual rules
about how to send resumes and all of that apply, see
http://web.interhack.com/company/contact.php for details.

Matt Curtin,  author of  Brute Force: Cracking the Data Encryption Standard
Founder of Interhack Corporation  +1 614 545 4225 http://web.interhack.com/
Forensic Computing | Information Assurance | Managed Information Technology

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