[opensource] Reverse engineering project, sounds kinda fun.

Matt Curtin cmcurtin at interhack.net
Wed May 18 14:02:10 EDT 2005

Anyone interested in helping a teacher who sorely wishes that some
software he depends on were open source?

----------------------------- begin note -----------------------------

  I am a teacher and I use an old DOS software program to keep track
  of student grades.  I recently started using the program again, but
  do not have the registration code for it.

  The version I have now is shareware and I can no longer get a
  registered version as the author died about 5 years ago.

  The last version of the software that I have was released about 10
  years ago.

  Do you know any one who would be able to get the software registered
  in my name?

  I have 2 version of the software.

  The first version I have is the newest version, which is about 10
  years old.  It has a registration code that you need to enter into a
  separate utility that hard codes your name into the program itself.

  The second version I have is an older version and is registered to
  another user.  If I would be unable to get the first version
  registered to me, I would like to have this version changed to my
  name.  The name is some how hard coded into the program.

-------------------------------- end ---------------------------------

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