[opensource] Re: Reverse engineering project, sounds kinda fun.

Nandan bagchee at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu May 19 13:29:00 EDT 2005

>Anyone interested in helping a teacher who sorely wishes that some software he
>depends on were open source?

Why doesn't he just adopt new software? Surely the old grades are stored in a
textformat, and if they aren't, surely he's learned a lesson by now :-P

Hey, this is 2005, you're using DOS, the author of your program just died, for
gods sake.  Someone's sending you a signal, like SIG_TIMETOSWITCH ;-)

>  The second version I have is an older version and is registered to another
>  user.  If I would be unable to get the first version registered to me, I
>  would like to have this version changed to my name.  The name is some how
>  hard coded into the program.

But seriously, forget the registration. If the other person has signed over the
program to you, surely that's enough. If not, a binary editor might fix it.

* paranoia mode-switch *

This sounds like a DMCA honey-pot to me though. Anyone dying to fill Skylarov's
shoes :-) Could it be cmcurtin has gone over to the dark side?

Nandan Bagchee

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