[opensource] Student programming project at OSU - Anyone interested?

Brian Dittmer dittmer.6 at osu.edu
Tue Nov 15 20:14:32 EST 2005

Nice idea but is a linux client really necessary?  I'm sure for the 
majority of us that use linux as not only a desktop OS but server OS 
managing files remotely is fairly trivial.  Subversion, cvs, rsync over 
ssh, sftp or there's a slew of php file management tools out there you 
can install on your machine...plus I'm sure I'm missing a dozen other 
solutions available.  I'm afraid to hit freshmeat.

NOW a suggestion -- if you really want to simplify your life consider 
using Java and Swing to write your app.  While throwing my personal 
disdain aside for GCJ and Classpath, you can now compile Java apps 
natively for Linux (this is however blasphemy, there's perfectly good 
JVMs from both ibm and sun for both ppc and x86 architectures) and as I 
understand it the Swing support is quite good.  You'd save a lot of time 
this way...I think...my knowledge of the .NET framework is limited but 
last I heard mono isn't quite there yet (correct me if I'm wrong).

Anyway those are my two cents, I wish you luck on your project and have 
fun doing it!


Paul Betts wrote:

>One thing that I've noticed while at OSU is that while the school is
>great at teaching computer science, in my opinion we don't do enough
>projects, especially "real-world" projects, that have real open-ended
>problems to solve. 
>To solve that problem, I'd like to put forth an idea I've been working
>on in my spare time for an application called Porpoise, which lets
>students access their documents over the Internet via a website. It's a
>huge project, and I'd like to turn it into something that us
>CSE/ECE/whatever students can work on and turn out an awesome app that
>anyone would find useful. It also looks great on a resume to have a
>project that's actually out there on the web for people to see.
>What's unique about this application is that it appeals to both of the
>software student groups here at OSU (OSUOSS and NTSig), and we'll need
>people from both camps to write it; most of it is written in C#
>using .NET (and ASP.NET), but it's also made to be cross-platform using
>Mono, and the background daemon (service for you Win32 people) is
>written in straight GTK+/Glib/C (in vim too!). I've pasted my abstract
>of the project in this Email, you can check out more info here:
>My Notes: http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~bettsp/Porpoise%20Master%20Page.html
>Source Code (so far):
>(Check porpoised/src and htdocs for the actual code, I haven't done
>much, most of my work has been on the autotools side)
>I look forward to hearing back with opinions / ideas / whatever, or if
>you're interested in working on the project!

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