[opensource] O'Reilly Book Sale

Stephen Sebeny sebeny.1 at osu.edu
Wed Nov 16 04:49:01 EST 2005

on 11/15/05 12:30 PM, Nate at natrik at gmail.com wrote:

> Well, I certainly don't mean to spam this list!   But I came across
> this nice nugget in the InterLUG list.
> O'Reilly Books are now 47% off:
> http://www.bookpool.com/ct/98076
> It's probably a limited time thing.
> Cheers,
> - Nate

Howdy All,

    If your looking to pick up O'Reilly books cheap then I have two

    #1) Check out the "Half Price Books" store out near the intersection of
Sawmill & Bethel. I just bought two computer books there yesterday for about
85% off the cover price. (I think they're used, but its hardly noticeable.)

    #2) Look for public library book sales. That is where I pick up a lot of
computer books on the cheap. I've acquired an entire shelf of O'Reilly
titles for about a dollar each by scanning library sales.

Stephen M. Sebeny
sebeny.1 at osu.edu

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