[opensource] Student programming project at OSU - Anyone interested?

Brian Dittmer bdittmer at tracerdigital.com
Fri Nov 18 13:11:03 EST 2005

Paul Betts wrote:
>>There's a free version of IIS that lets you run .NET code on it? or are 
>>you writting your own webserver that will execute compiled ASP code?  
>>I'd be interested in checking either out.  If it's the latter you might 
>>want to check out the Jakarta Tomcat (http://jakarta.apache.org) 
>>project, it's a Java servlet container which would be similar.
> Yep! It's called XSP (it's not IIS though), an MS developer wrote a blog
> entry about it here with an example,
> http://weblogs.asp.net/britchie/archive/2005/07/25/420512.aspx , and it
> also has a mod_ plugin for Apache
> http://www.codeproject.com/cpnet/introtomono2.asp . XSP would probably
> crack if you tried to use it for a high-traffic site, but this
> application fits perfectly
>>... .NET also, compared to java, 
>>is a very immature framework (from what I've seen, I don't purport to be 
>>an expert on .NET in the slightest bit)...it doesn't even have an 
>>iterator class for it's collections classes!
> Huh? C# has IEnumerable which looks to be pretty much identical to
> interface Iterator as well as the foreach() statement; I guess if you're
> looking for bidirectional, that doesn't work though. 
Hrmm...looks like the information I was going on was a bit dated, it 
appears microsoft did finally add iterators to their collections. 
However you were wrong in saying they're a part of the C# language, it's 
an interface defined by the .NET framework.  They're no more apart of C# 
than the java iterator interface is apart of the java programming language.


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