[opensource] Distributions

Nick Dimiduk dimiduk.1 at osu.edu
Tue Nov 22 02:24:31 EST 2005

Cosmin Roman wrote:
> I have a question, somewhat related to Brian's suggestion: anyone know of
> a distro that provides LiveCD (see K/Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, etc) with
> TeX/LaTeX built-in?

Not sure, but check the Gentoo liveCDs and liveDVDs.  They are becoming 
quite feature-rich, even on less common platforms.

> If not, anybody interested in producing one? I was trying to get ibuild to
> work over the weekend, unsuccessfully at the moment (well, I gave it a
> full 30 minutes) ... we could call it OSCix :)

Gentoo's catalyst tool does just this and should make the process 
"easy".  They use it for the official releases. 


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