[opensource] Need some help on an opensource project looking at CD DRM

Matt Curtin cmcurtin at interhack.net
Tue Nov 29 08:37:18 EST 2005

Feeling like getting in the middle of the CD DRM mess?  We've got some
software called CD Verity that we wrote a while ago.  It needs a bit
of updating to be able to build properly on current releases of
FreeBSD and we're up to our eyeballs in other stuff.  If you know C++
and especially if you're also hip to Qt GUI stuff, take a look at
http://www.interhack.net/projects/01media/ and grab the code for CD
Verity.  It could also use some improved documentation.  These are
both relatively minor issues; a few hours of work could really help
things here for less technical folks who are users of opensource
software but can't write their own or fiddle with stuff they download
to make it work.

Our Digital Media Project has been looking at compact discs for all
kinds of issues, including anomalies in the discs, bad encoding,
incorrect TOC information, and so on.  CD Verity is the software that
we're using to look at certain types of information from the
perspective of the operating system.

We also have some specialized equipment that looks at really low-level
details like pit/land geometry and other things that are down below
what a CD-ROM drive would be able to tell us about the disc.

This is a good opportunity to get involved in an opensource project
that could potentially be very important for helping people to
understand what's going on in the world of music publishing and rights
over the use of digital media.

Download the code, take a look, and drop me a line if you're
interested in working with us.

Matt Curtin,  author of  Brute Force: Cracking the Data Encryption Standard
Founder of Interhack Corporation  +1 614 545 4225 http://web.interhack.com/

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