[opensource] Re: activity?

Jim D spam at makes.the.world.go.round
Fri Oct 7 14:25:04 EDT 2005

Hi Isaac,

As far as I can tell from the discussion here, it seems like there are 
several of us who are interested in getting some stuff going with the 
club but at present the club has no leadership.  Should you be willing 
to step up to the plate, I think all you need to do is appoint yourself 
leader and it's a done deal.  Just talk to Shaun Rowland who is the 
club's faculty advisor.

Was there any outcome to that meeting last week BTW?  I couldn't make it 
because I had class.

- jim.

PS- There is also a Central Ohio Linux Users' Group that is active. 
That is: http://www.colug.net/

Issac Kelly wrote:
> so are there meetings? do you guys do things?  i'm interested, i'm a 
> relative noob, but i'm curious :D

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