[opensource] Re: activity?

Shaun Rowland rowland at cse.ohio-state.edu
Fri Oct 7 14:38:31 EDT 2005

Jim D wrote:
> Hi Isaac,
> As far as I can tell from the discussion here, it seems like there are 
> several of us who are interested in getting some stuff going with the 
> club but at present the club has no leadership.  Should you be willing 
> to step up to the plate, I think all you need to do is appoint yourself 
> leader and it's a done deal.  Just talk to Shaun Rowland who is the 
> club's faculty advisor.

Something needs to be done soon here. The club is going to be marked
inactive unless someone decides to step up to the plate. I might be able
to renew the registration myself (I did get an email about it), but I
don't want to become responsible for the club if it is not active. A
student club needs students to run it. I am only an advisor. Oct. 15th
is the deadline here.

It could also be re-registered after this deadline I believe - if it
takes that much time to figure out who is going to run it and take care
of things like the constitution, leadership, etc. (this is also another
reason I can't really re-register it - I have not been involved in that,
nor do I have the current constitution and leadership roster and both
are needed to register).
Shaun Rowland	rowland at cse.ohio-state.edu

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