[opensource] OSUOSS Under new management.

Jim D spam at makes.the.world.go.round
Fri Oct 7 17:34:13 EDT 2005


My name is Jim Dinan.  I am a first year graduate student and I am 
planning a coup d'état of the OSU Open Source Club.

Those of you who have been following the list may be aware that the club 
no longer has any active officers on campus and unfortunately we will 
cease to exist this month unless this is rectified.  I therefore put 
myself forth as a candidate for interim president.  If anyone has 
objections to this, please respond ASAP either to the list, to me 
(dinan[at]cse.ohio-state.edu), or to our advisor, Shaun Rowland.


The Plan:

I propose that I be interim president for this quarter and that next 
quarter we plan to hold proper elections for all of the officer 
positions.  In the mean time, I would like to reserve the right to fill 
available officer positions as I can - all appointments lasting only one 
quarter and anyone who wishes to keep their job (including myself) will 
have to rerun in the upcoming elections.

I feel that open source software is a vital part of the computing world 
and that the role of this club should be to help computer scientists and 
other members of the OSU community gain access to this resource.  I 
would like to get members involved in planning events to bring open 
source out to the community.  Install fests are great but are becoming a 
thing of the past.  Linux, in particular, is no longer as hard to 
install as it once was.  Instead, I would like to get students involved 
in planning informational sessions.  I wager that a 45-minute intro 
presentation to Ubuntu (or Gentoo, you folks can have a voice too ;)) 
would get far more interest than a day-long install fest.  These 
sessions may be something that you can get course credit for, they may 
not.  You may be able create an honors colloquium that goes along with 
one of your courses that involves presenting your work at an 
OSUOSS-sponsored session.  In any case, active involvement in OSUOSS and 
holding sessions like this are a great asset on your resume.  Active 
involvement in the open source community shows the type of experience 
and know-how that employers and academic institutions alike seek in 
their applicants.

In meeting with Shaun, he has also let me know that if we want it, we 
can get funding as a student organization.  This could mean anything 
from Pizza parties to attracting guest speakers to club trips (NOTACON 
comes to mind here).  I hope some of you made it to the COLUG linux 
gathering last weekend - it was a lot of fun!  In any case, I am sure we 
can find some way to partner with them in promoting next year's event to 
the OSU student body.

I would like to organize a meeting soon to rally the troops and make a 
plan for how we will reach out to the university community for new 
members.  Plans for this meeting will be posted on here as soon as Shaun 
and I are able to book a room.

THAT YOU EMAIL ME (dinan[at]cse.ohio-state.edu). Please include name, 
email address, major, and anticipated year of graduation. ***

If you're busy, a one-liner is fine.  We need a roster in order to keep 
our status as a student organization.

I am unfortunately pretty busy so I am going to need your help to make 
this group a reality!!  Please share your ideas with the list!  And 
anyone who is interested in taking an active role in the club, please 
let me know.

I look forward to hearing from all of you,

- Jim Dinan. [dinan.at.cse.ohio-state.edu]

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