[opensource] Ubuntu Breezy Badger is OUT!

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sat Oct 15 16:57:07 EDT 2005

Cosmin Roman wrote:
> ... not to mention that they now have kubuntu, for those of us KDE 
> fanatics (as in KDE-Ubuntu)
> amazingly, even "kubuntu" means something :)


Also, if you've already got ubuntu installed and you want to check out 
kubuntu, all you have to do is install the 'kubuntu-desktop' package 
(likewise, kubuntu users can install 'ubuntu-desktop') using synaptic or 
"apt-get install kubuntu-desktop".

 > (insert your favorite KDE vs. Gnome flame here)

Personally, I've always liked enlightenment.  :)
Seriously though, I have always loved kprinter as a print tool and I 
just discovered that there is actually something similar for gnome: 
gtklp.  It lets you do duplexing, n-up, and all sorts of other handy 
stuff.  Unfortunately it's not installed in default ubuntu so you'll 
have to 'apt-get install' it (embrace the super cow powers) or use synaptic.

- jim.

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