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Nick Hurley hurley at todesschaf.org
Thu Oct 27 19:28:26 EDT 2005

Jim Dinan <dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu> writes:

> > There is a fine line to be walked between being pro- Open Source and
> > anti- Microsoft. There was a time when open source was all about GNU
> > and the foaming-at-the-mouth purists - and they're still out there
> > fighting the good fight, but the tone of the movement has shifted from
> > breaking down barriers to community building. Open source now coexists
> > across a wide array of heterogeneous platforms and a wide variety of
> > computing lifestyles.

There's also a fine line between not being anti-Microsoft and actively
promoting them. In my opinion, that line has been crossed. I'm no
"foaming-at-the-mouth purist", either. I write proprietary software for
a living, and am quite happy doing so.

> > That being said, MS has historically had the most abysmal business
> > practices in the industry. They have also taken an aggressive stance
> > against the open source community and against the adoption of open
> > source and open standards software. Despite this, I don't think we
> > should react in kind. In fact, this sort of treatment from Microsoft
> > should even be taken as a compliment - it validates the fact that we are
> > out here and strong enough to be considered their _competition_! Not
> > everyone gets this kind of recognition from the world's largest software
> > vendor.
> Also, the ntSig group does not _directly_ represent Microsoft. While there
> may be a couple of Microsoft employees or such that help out, the majority
> of the membership would be proles instead of party members, and thus not
> deserving of our scorn, if we were to choose to act in such a manner. I
> think we shouldn'

Actually, they *do* directly represent Microsoft (at least, that's how
it used to be). They are funded by Microsoft, and I believe that they
may actually pay the president of ntsig (or that they have in the
past, I may be entirely wrong on the current situation).

> If Anthony and the ntSig group are friendly to us, I believe we should only
> be twice as friendly to them. You'll never win over anyone with by being
> mean-spirited.

No, you won't. But as I said, you don't have to actively promote their
lifestyle, either.

> I would love to see collaboration between us and most any other related
> group.
> We don't have to completely agree, we don't have to sacrifice any of our
> principals, we only have to understand each other and have worthwhile
> dialoge together.
> Imagine how it would look if we became best-pals. It'd be like the members
> of the Jesus Club and the Wiccan Club holding hands while skipping down the
> oval.
> It'd be really freakin' sweet, I say.

Frankly, I think that'd be a bit scary. But that's just me :-)

   "I propose we leave math to the machines and go play outside."
              --- Calvin

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