[opensource] Re: ntSig Event Tonight

Alexander J. Lingo lingo.13 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 27 20:25:25 EDT 2005

Look, here's my boiled-down opinion on the matter:

A. They are a student group in a related field.

B. Whether or not they are pro-MS/anti-MS/funded by MS is not that much of a
deal, as only the leadership (a small fraction) may be directly tied to MS.

C. We are just re-forming. We should not start out on this hostile of
footings. We should be friendly to _everyone_, unless there is some sort of
solid and direct attack upon us. But, even then, we should not be openly

D. If you do not like the group, do not go. If you are interested, go, and
make your own decisions. Please do not attack the group if you've never been
to one of their meetings. I, for one, plan on attending one to see how it
is. I will make my decisions based on my direct observations, and not how I
perceive the group without any available evidence.

Thank you, Michael, for your helpful comments.
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