[opensource] Re: ntSig Event Tonight

Ross Litscher rlitscher at speakeasy.net
Fri Oct 28 14:38:36 EDT 2005

Jim Dinan wrote:

> your machine to work.  I'm guilty too - WoW only runs in Windows 
> (although I do cringe every time I see that bootup screen on my 


For what it's worth, WoW does work fine under Cedega (typical ATI Linux 
driver issues aside)

But seriously, I've been running Cedega on the x86_64 version of Ubuntu 
Hoary for the last 3 months. It took a day or two to work out some 
problems, but it runs smoothly. No crashes, just a mouse targeting bug 
in WoW that doesn't show the target circle. Mind you, I only use it for 
WoW and occasionally for Warcraft 3. The only other game I ever play is 
NWN which runs natively on Linux.

I had problems getting regular Wine to work on x86_64. I've heard that 
Wine works with WoW, but I have no specifics like is it a 32bit 
distribution of Linux or 64bit. I would have prefered to use Wine, but 
such is life.

Anyway, it's nice to be free from dual booting. I have been since moving 
to x86_64 last year.

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