[opensource] Ubuntu and Oldworld G3's - Anyone got an OS9 CD?

Paul Betts bettsp at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Oct 31 14:38:35 EST 2005

Hey, I've been having a Linux problem as of late and I was wondering if
any of you guys could lend a hand; I bought a Beige 233 MHz G3 PowerMac on
CraigsList for $20 to use as a small webserver / svn / whatever for my
projects. The guy didn't give me any CDs with it and it has OSX Jaguar
installed. OSX is alright but I really want Ubuntu on it (actually Gentoo
if it wasn't so slow, but oh well). So I burn a Breezy CD and off I go!

...3 days later, after reading how evil OldWorld OpenFirmware is, I find
out the easiest way to boot these is by having a small OS9 partition and
using a program called BootX for the bootloader. Unfortunately, this thing
will only boot silver (i.e. non-burned) OS9 CDs, so if any of you Mac
people have a CD, I'd like to borrow it from you (since I own the machine,
I obviously have a license for OS9). If any of you guys are interested in
helping getting the thing up and running, I'd love the assistance as well,
or if anyone has any thoughts / ideas / what-have-you, post back or send
me an Email.

-- Paul

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