[opensource] Opensource Club Meeting?

Nick Dimiduk dimiduk.1 at osu.edu
Thu Sep 22 13:20:59 EDT 2005

Jim Dinan wrote:
> Does OSUOSS have any officers?  I seem to recall a post a month or two
> back to the effect that there was nobody left running things.

The club has never (as long as I've been around) had "strong 
leadership".  People with interests related to the club get together 
from time to time.  Every now and again someone will give a talk or 
bring in a guest speaker, but these are mostly individually motivated 
actions.  It is likely that the club has a student or two registered 
with the university as "officers" for any necessary paper work; I'm not 
sure who holds that position.

This is a community-driven club.  If you want something to happen, make 
it happen!  Fall quarter introductory meetings are often a good place to 
start.  Would you like to meet somewhere?  Let us know.


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