[opensource] org renewal and DL190 room move

Shaun Rowland rowland at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Sep 26 21:08:10 EDT 2005

Two very important pieces of information from your ever-hands-off advisor...

Renewal of Organization

The club needs to be renewed.  The president of the club needs to go here:


and follow the instructions below (from evil document format excerpt).
The document is avaliable here:


on the right of the page, "W" icon and all.

Note the evil word document that will open in OO just fine.  According
to an email I have received, the deadline is October 15, 2005
- but that form seems to indicate October 1st is more important.  Below
is "evil document format excerpt":


Contrary to past years, organizations that were registered in 2004-2005
will not have to completely re-register for the 2005-2006 academic year.
Instead, they will simply renew their registration.  Primary leaders
can log into the “Manage Your Organization”
(www.ohiounion.osu.edu/studentorgs) section of the website beginning
July 1, 2005.  On this page, you will be prompted to:

Update any organization leader/advisor/address changes

Update website or office information

Signify your desire to be part of the Student Involvement Fair
(September 19, 2005), Homecoming Parade (October 14, 2005) and/or to
request office space on the 3rd floor of the Ohio Union (deadline is
August 15, 2005).

After completing these steps, the Primary Leader will select the “Renew
My Organization for 2005-2006” button.  This completes the renewal
process, however it does not make your organization active*.
Organizations who do not renew their registration information by October
1, 2005 will be considered inactive*.

I am not sure who the current officers are being the totally hands-off
insanely busy CSE staff member I am, but we at least should have a
president who can deal with this.

On this note, I'd like to know if this club is active and who the
officers are.

Moving out of DL190

We are going to have to move out of DL190.  This room is needed for
research space.  We will have a room in the Caldwell lab, but I don't
have a number for it at the moment.  It is similar to what the ntsig
group has, so it is not nearly as big and nice as DL190.  There's quite
a bit of equipment in DL190 that needs to be moved, and club people need
to deal with this.  I need some people to discuss this with me soon.  I
don't have a date for this move, but it could be very soon.

On this note, I found one of our instructional 02 SGI machines in DL190.
I have it in my office.  I need to know if there is any CSE
instructional or research machines in the club.  CSE staff amd
researchers cannot donate machines to the club due to state law issues
(other than a "loan" type situation were CSE staff are still responsible
for the equipment).  I believe this SGI was a loaner that needs to be
returned for surplus.  CSE is responsible for dealing with surplus
issues with instructional and research equipment, so I need to know
about this stuff.
Shaun Rowland	rowland at cse.ohio-state.edu

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