[opensource] personal items in DL190

Chris Anderson anderchr at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu Sep 29 11:18:50 EDT 2005

Shaun Rowland wrote:
>> Will the room be open sometime in the near future? The last time I 
>> tried to get something out of there (20port hub) the person who was 
>> going to be there to let me in never showed or we missed each other.
> The room will never be "open."  You can arrange with someone in the club
> to be there so you can get your things, this includes a time with me.
> Do you have a hub in that room?
>> Or will the stuff at least be placed elsewhere so we can get around 
>> the issue of that room being constanly locked?
> I have no idea which stuff is personal stuff.  That's why I want people
> to get it out of there.

To my knowledge, the items in there fit into a few categories:

- My stuff
    - KVM
    - One of the desktops under the table
    - Netgear 16 port switch
    - Seagate Harddrive
    - Athlon XP chip lying around
- Someone someone in theory 'loaned'
    - An old hub that says "Trinity high school" on it. I really don't 
know why we have it... but it's there
- Department systems
    - The SGI system found its way down there, I believe Mike Bernstein 
was involved in that.
- Donations
    - Pretty much everything else lying around the room was either left 
by the previous class or donated to us and has no use or sentimental value.

I'll be picking up everything I have there this weekend. As for Andrew's 
mention, he just needs to tell me what it is so I can poke Hurley and 
see if it rings a bell.

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