[opensource] Opensource Club Meeting?

Chris Anderson anderchr at cse.ohio-state.edu
Thu Sep 29 11:22:31 EDT 2005

Nick Dimiduk wrote:
> Jim Dinan wrote:
>> Does OSUOSS have any officers?  I seem to recall a post a month or two
>> back to the effect that there was nobody left running things.
> The club has never (as long as I've been around) had "strong 
> leadership".  People with interests related to the club get together 
> from time to time.  Every now and again someone will give a talk or 
> bring in a guest speaker, but these are mostly individually motivated 
> actions.  It is likely that the club has a student or two registered 
> with the university as "officers" for any necessary paper work; I'm not 
> sure who holds that position.

Prior to Nick Hurley / Colin Walters / Isaac Jones leaving there was a 
decent 'leader' presence. Last year I 'took over' to keep it going but 
there was never much interest shown and I was busy with other things so 
not much happened. I believe Ted Han is technically our 'Vice President' 
currently. Though, we never applied for money last year so we didn't 
have a treasurer once Anna moved. I did sort out a few last remaining 
financial issues from the prior year with her though.

> This is a community-driven club.  If you want something to happen, make 
> it happen!  Fall quarter introductory meetings are often a good place to 
> start.  Would you like to meet somewhere?  Let us know.
> -Nick

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