[opensource] personal items in DL190

ANDREW HANINGER haninger.3 at osu.edu
Thu Sep 29 11:33:59 EDT 2005

> - Someone someone in theory 'loaned'
>    - An old hub that says "Trinity high school"
> on it. I really don't know why we have it... but
> it's there.

> As for Andrew's mention, he just needs to tell
> me what it is so I can poke Hurley and see if
> it rings a bell.

Yeah, that's the hub that I "borrowed" from my mom who works at Trinity (a grade school, technically). If you could pick that up when you get your stuff and let me know where it is, that'd be cool. Otherwise, I'll need to arrange with someone to meet there sometime and pick it up.

(FWIW, it was being used to link up our "cluster" and later the various machines people brought in for development.)


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