[opensource] OhioLINK and Google Summer of Code

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Wed Apr 26 23:56:08 EDT 2006

>From the Summer of Code FAQ ...

"50. Is there a t-shirt involved?
 Yes, all participants will receive a Summer of Code t-shirt."

Need they say more??  :)  This program is great resume fodder and a fun
way to earn a little cash during the summer.  Read on to find out about
OhioLINK's mentoring program.  Also be sure to check out Haskell.org's
mentoring info - their program is being coordinated by Isaac Jones, one
of the founders of the open source club.


Google is sponsoring the Summer of Code, a program designed to inspire
young developers and provide students in computer science and related
fields the opportunity to do work related to their academic pursuits
during the summer, and to support existing open source projects and
organizations. OhioLINK is pleased to participate in the Summer of Code
program again this year as a mentoring organization. See
<http://code.google.com/summerofcode.html> for details about the

Through the Summer of Code program, Google will provide a $4500 award to
each student who successfully completes an Open Source project with a
participating organization by the end of summer. In addition, the
mentoring organization will receive $500 for each student developer who
completes a project for them. Students who are interested in
participating in the Summer of Code program may apply beginning May 1,
2006. Questions about the program? Take a look at Google’s participant
FAQ <http://code.google.com/soc/studentfaq.html>

We have a page on our Digital Resource Commons development site
<http://drc-dev.ohiolink.edu/wiki/GoogleSummerOfCode2006> describing
OhioLINK’s participation and projects. Contact Peter Murray at
peter at ohiolink.edu with any questions about OhioLINK’s suggested

An announcement about this for end users has been added to the What’s
New page at <http://olc7.ohiolink.edu/whatsnew/archives/000144.html>

Candi Clevenger, Communications Manager
2455 North Star Rd., Suite 300
Columbus, OH  43221
(614) 728-3600 ext. 329
candi at ohiolink.edu

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