[opensource] Server at OSU

robbt robbt at azone.org
Thu Apr 27 09:35:27 EDT 2006

Hey Everybody. I won't be able to make it to the meeting tonight.
I'm going to be at the Freegeek board meeting.

I just wanted to ask if anyone was interested in the server still.
I'm going to be upgrading the server with Professor Landsbergen today. 
It'll still be a g3-500 but with a gig or so of RAM vs. the 128 the 
other one had. I plan on installing Ubuntu breezy server.

It'll be running the TACO (technology alliance of central ohio)  
database via CivicSpace.

I was told the opensource club could use the server as well, if anyone 
is interested let me know. I'll be working on it at 2pm today.


Jim Dinan wrote:
> =====================================
> Date: 04/27/2006
> Time: 7:00PM
> Room: 280 Dreese Labs
> Topic: Open Mic + "This Week in Slashdot"
> We'll be doing something a little different this week: We are opening 
> up the floor for short presentations, project ideas, announcements, 
> questions, howtos, demonstrations, karaoke singalongs, group skits, 
> and whatever else floats your boat.  Following this, we'll dive into 
> some of the latest news from the 'net.
> The meeting will be held in DL280 which is a computer classroom.  This 
> is a BYOLCD event - Bring Your Own Live CD.  FYI, we've had good luck 
> with the latest Ubuntu LiveCD on these machines in the past.
> Moderated By: Alex Lingo
> ========================================================================
> Club meetings are always open to the general public including nonmembers
> and nonstudents.  Meetings are casual and usually last about one and a
> half hours.  You are welcome to attend as your schedule permits - please
> be courteous when coming late or leaving early.
> For more information, please visit: http://opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu
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