[opensource] Filesystem interface to MySQL?

Drew Yates yates at cse.ohio-state.edu
Sun Aug 6 20:02:00 EDT 2006

Hey all, hope the summer is going well. Sure has been quiet!

Does anyone know if there is a nice plugin for an interface to MySQL
databases? That would make programming with databases MUCH easier, yes?

So, for example, if I need to select some query, I could write something

/localhost/mysql/user/pass/connection/database/"SELECT nukulor FROM xplozons
WHERE awesome = 'probably';"

and what is returned to me is a "file" that I can work with in the same way
as any other file.

Also, Ive been researching the new ReiserFS v4, it's pretty cool, check it
out at: http://namesys.com/v4/v4.html

lots of interesting things like
- transactions
- security
- metadata accessible via a file's "self directory"
- files that are also directories
- speed and storage space

it wasn't included in the linux kernel, though, and Hans Reiser is pretty
pissed about that, heh. Oh well, next time around.

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