[opensource] The Fall of DES: Matt Curtin Speaks

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue Feb 21 16:15:01 EST 2006

OpenSource Club Event Announcement:

Who:   Matt Curtin
What:  "The Fall of DES: Matt Curtin Speaks"
When:  Monday, February 27 5:00PM
Where: Room 436, Bolz Hall


DES - The Data Encryption Standard - is a cipher that was selected as an
official encryption standard for the United States federal government in
1976. The algorithm was initially controversial, with classified design
elements, a relatively short key length, and suspicions about a National
Security Agency backdoor. Consequently, DES came under intense public
scrutiny culminating with a public demonstration of its weakness in June
of 1997 by the DESCHALL project.

Matt Curtin, founder of Columbus-based Interhack Corp and part time
lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering played a
pivotal role in the success of the DESCHALL project.  In his latest
book, "Brute Force: Cracking the Data Encryption Standard" he gives an
account of the project that was responsible for ushering in a new age of
unrestricted cryptography.  His work with information security doesn't
stop there - expect to hear much more about the growing importance of
online privacy and data security as well as the lingering threat of
Digital Rights Management.

Pizza will be served following this talk.

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