[opensource] Brainstorming Session

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Feb 27 10:00:13 EST 2006

Paul Betts wrote:
>>Instead, I would like to use the time to hold a planning session. 
> Planning....for what?

Ahh very good question.  Planning for activites next quarter and into 
next year.  There is funding we can get for events but we need to have 
them planned out well ahead of time to be able to apply for it.  For 
example, we may be able to apply for moonlight madness funding to host a 
late-night hack-a-thon or late-night Linux install fest.

Also, I'd like to discuss our meeting schedule, topics, and possible new 
uses for meetings and new ideas for group activities.  Many times I have 
heard suggestions of holding a series of OSS neophyte sessions (ala 
intro to Bash, intro to Makefiles, Unix utilities -- sed and the crew, 
Perl, (Regular Expressions)?, /.*/).  If we decide to go that route and 
get them scheduled ahead of time then we can promote them in classes and 
throughout the department.  We can also schedule meetings in 280 which 
is a computer classroom - any thoughts on how we can take advantage of that?

We also have a new office.  I'd like to do some brainstorming about how 
we can start using it.

I'd like to pick up our website discussion if we have time as well. 
I'll try to do my homework and come prepared with some answers regarding 
the status of that project.

OK - I think planning session is a very bland name.  Henceforth it shall 
be called a "Brainstorming Session."  :)

- jim.

James Dinan <dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu>

Graduate RA - Computer Science and Engineering
               The Ohio State University

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