[opensource] Winter Involvement Fair

Alexander J. Lingo lingo.13 at osu.edu
Sun Jan 1 15:15:13 EST 2006

Yes. The Ubuntu Live CD contains Windows versions of software such as Gaim,
OO.O, and The Gimp along with some open source Windows screensavers.

Does anyone know if the PPC/Mac version comes with Mac software?

Beyond having CD's available, what else can we do? We should have a demo box
or two set up showing some of common computer tasks, such as playing video,
music, instant messaging, and web browsing. We could a box with several
different sessions, each running a different window manager, such as KDE,
Gnome, IceWM, Enlightenment, etc.

We should also show off advanced things such as
SuperKaramba<http://www.superkaramba.com/>and Konqueror as well.
(Anyone of you tried audiocd:/ in Konqueror before? Prepare
to change your pants<http://jriddell.org/programs/kde-talk-06-2004/konq-audiocd-browser.png>

Also, we could get a banner. I remember seeing something about CS&E groups
or students being able to have banners printed for free. I could be wrong
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