[opensource] Volunter for Potential Talks

William R. Lorenz wrl at express.org
Wed Jan 18 18:56:16 EST 2006

Hi Bill,

William Triest wrote:

 > Also, I've thought of some possible talk topics that I could be
> qualified to give.  I took an independant study based on "network
> security" primarily focusing on encryption (symetric key/ public private

> Introduction to Encryption
> Symetric key Encryption
> Hashes (what they are, and mention two standards md5 and sha1)
> Public / Private Key encrytpion (focusing on what signatures are
> compared to encryption)

I'd be particularly interested in this talk.  I'd also be interested in 
learning how these specific encryption algorithms are integrated with 
protocols such as IPSEC, PPTP, CHAP, WEP, and WAP (for wireless).

> Basic Linux/*nix security
> Start out with basic things like why running as root is bad (and talk
> about su and sudo)

This stuff would be less interesting to me, but it may interest others.

In any case, let me know if you plan to give a talk so I can be there?

It's great to see the group active again. :)

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