[opensource] Thursday Meeting

Wesley Haines kremit at wrpn.net
Sat Jan 21 21:36:39 EST 2006

I've been lurking on here for some time, and now I have the chance to
respond to something.

> > > What _really_ rocks is if you combine it with the Filterset.G addin that
> > > automatically updates your Adblock list. 
> > > I also use Flashblock, which turns Flash animations into a button that
> > > you have to press Play before it'll start; this stops the trick where
> > > people open popup windows using Flash and get around Firefox's popup
> > > protection.

Flashblock is great! However, If you don't want to turn off Flash, you
can also disable allowing pop-ups from plugins by following the
instructions I posted at my website awhile back: 

The setting mentioned there should be the default in FF 1.5, but I'm not
sure on that since it causes problems with Flash plugins spawning new

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