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Alexander J. Lingo lingo.13 at osu.edu
Tue Jul 4 19:44:36 EDT 2006

Hello all!

I am deeply sorry for being out of the discussion so far. I've been on a
sort of e-mail sabbatical for the past month.

So, snips from several e-mails:

> The Ohio Linux Fest 2006 is now accepting submissions for presentations:
> >
> > Has anybody looked into getting the club involved this year?  We could
> > help promote on campus and maybe even get a table there.

I actually e-mailed their suggested contact about information, twice, but
never received a reply.

Yes, any help would be much appreciated! Please fill out the online from for
> sponsors, and select the .Org section (for non profits). We are asking for
> $75 for the table setup (that is what the convention center is charging
> us),
> but if we get enough corporate and individual sponsorship, we may be able
> to
> refund that for the non-profits.

Good. I think we should be able to gain Programming funds for this event.
Some useful information about this:

We can submit a Programming Funds application to Source for this. The
deadline for such applications is July 21st. We can get up to ~$1,500 per
year for such events.

We need to come up with an estimate of cost to Source, and they will then
tell us whether or not they will fund it. Once we get clearance, we spend
the money out-of-pocket, show Source receipts, and they reimburse us for the

I think we could get buy with just the $75 fee, as we can use the club's
Source points (credits for source-produced goods) for printing fliers,
banners, and buttons.

But before we can put in the request to Source, we may have to clear up our
issues regarding our Treasurer and Advisor statuses. I'll e-mail someone at
Source to see if this has to be taken care of before we put in the request,
or before they reimburse us costs.

I'll also put in the application on their web site now.

Does anyone have any ideas for LinuxFest, then?

-- Alex
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