[opensource] Club ideas for school year 06/07

Peter Dietz dietz.72 at osu.edu
Thu Jun 1 13:06:09 EDT 2006

Attention Open Source Enthusiasts,

To start things off, I am Peter Dietz, the newly minted club Treasurer. Alex
Lingo (freshly elected Benevolent Dictator) and I have been doodling some
grand ideas for activities, workshops, meetings, shameless commerce,

Idea 1: T-Shirts
Something with our logo on it that would be helpful for recruitment, feeling
of connection, and not to mention popularity booster (of the club, no
guarantees in social scenes (i.e. meeting women because of wearing open
source tee). My ideas on this are:

   - OS themes like Ubuntu, Slackware, FreeBSD....
   - Great open-source products like Mozilla Firefox, Open Office, GAIM,
   - Also even code-themed with favorite languages, Perl, python, java,
   lisp, c++
   - or even just random sayings / phrases / quotes.

Keep in mind that there's no such thing as a free shirt, so advertisements
and cost are likely to be a necessary evil. Once we get some ideas on this,
a t-shirt design contest will be held next school year.

Idea 2: A big open source event (Install Fest / LAN night / Movie night /
Get this, the university will pay for us to have a party! This means free
pizza, beverages, and maybe even cookies. I see this as a great opportunity
to have alot of fun meeting other people who share a similar passion for
technology and to be "where its at" for the night.

   - Possibilities are endless, but I think using the time for an install
   fest where everyone brings their laptop and shares knowledge with their
   neighbors would be a choice way to accomplish this.
   - We can also do a lan party to some degree that remains true to our
   open source philosophy.
   - I personally would like to see a movie night about something on the
   nature of open source, computers, or the hacker culture.

Idea 3: Your Ideas!!
For our club to continue to be of value to our growing community we need
presentations / demonstrations / workshops / guest lectures / you name it.
What do you want to demo to the rest of the group next year? Are our
meetings going to quality enough that we could make them into video

Thanks for hearing me out, and be sure to share you ideas,
Peter Dietz
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