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Alexander J. Lingo lingo.13 at osu.edu
Sat Jun 3 12:26:58 EDT 2006

Back on topic, a question:

Regarding the T-shirt idea, what are the club's opinions on online retailers
such as Cafe Press for producing said shirts?

Does anyone have a problem with using such a retailer?
Does anyone have a problem with Cafe Press in particular?
Does anyone have any other suggestions for online, on-demand T-shirt

Thanks for your input.

-- Alex

On 6/1/06, Peter Dietz <dietz.72 at osu.edu> wrote:
> Attention Open Source Enthusiasts,
> To start things off, I am Peter Dietz, the newly minted club Treasurer.
> Alex Lingo (freshly elected Benevolent Dictator) and I have been doodling
> some grand ideas for activities, workshops, meetings, shameless commerce,
> whatever.
> Idea 1: T-Shirts
> Something with our logo on it that would be helpful for recruitment,
> feeling of connection, and not to mention popularity booster (of the club,
> no guarantees in social scenes (i.e. meeting women because of wearing open
> source tee). My ideas on this are:
>    - OS themes like Ubuntu, Slackware, FreeBSD....
>    - Great open-source products like Mozilla Firefox, Open Office,
>    GAIM,
>    - Also even code-themed with favorite languages, Perl, python, java,
>    lisp, c++
>    - or even just random sayings / phrases / quotes.
> Keep in mind that there's no such thing as a free shirt, so advertisements
> and cost are likely to be a necessary evil. Once we get some ideas on this,
> a t-shirt design contest will be held next school year.
> Idea 2: A big open source event (Install Fest / LAN night / Movie night /
> Social)
> Get this, the university will pay for us to have a party! This means free
> pizza, beverages, and maybe even cookies. I see this as a great opportunity
> to have alot of fun meeting other people who share a similar passion for
> technology and to be "where its at" for the night.
>    - Possibilities are endless, but I think using the time for an
>    install fest where everyone brings their laptop and shares knowledge with
>    their neighbors would be a choice way to accomplish this.
>    - We can also do a lan party to some degree that remains true to our
>    open source philosophy.
>    - I personally would like to see a movie night about something on
>    the nature of open source, computers, or the hacker culture.
> Idea 3: Your Ideas!!
> For our club to continue to be of value to our growing community we need
> presentations / demonstrations / workshops / guest lectures / you name it.
> What do you want to demo to the rest of the group next year? Are our
> meetings going to quality enough that we could make them into video
> podcasts?
> Thanks for hearing me out, and be sure to share you ideas,
> Peter Dietz
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