[opensource] OpenSource Books

Jim Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jun 6 16:57:39 EDT 2006

> How many of these books can we check out at time??

How about the following:

* Any member can have at most 2 books signed out at one time.
* Books should be returned after 1 month or renewed by contacting the 
club officer in charge of the club's library.  So if you got it on 
January 5th it's due on March 5th.  The exception is the summer - all 
books should be returned or renewed within the first week of classes in 

> Also, where are these going to
> be, ROOM IN CALDWELl 112 or in your "new open source office?"

They are in Caldwell 112F but you'll need an officer there to open the 
room up for you.  I'd be willing to hang out there for an hour or so 
tomorrow or Thursday if people want to drop by.  What's a good time for 

Best of luck with your exams,
  - jim.

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