[opensource] New tech elective for ugrads, get credit for hacking on open source software

Drew Yates yates at cse.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jun 7 18:15:04 EDT 2006

Guys, this class counts as a tech elective, and I know the Prof setting this
class up and he's a cool guy.

basically, you get to pick a "product" and rip it apart to figure out how it
works and why it's successful. It's pretty open-ended.

I've already asked, and a "product" definitely includes software and
hardware. This would be a great excuse to get a bunch of open source guys
together to hack on some open source software (it's a team-oriented class).

Definitely check this class out for fall if you're an engineering undergrad.
If anyone is interested in setting up a team and picking out some
interesting software to hack on with me, let me know.


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Subject: New Course - Great Ideas into Great Products
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New Engineering Course

Autumn Quarter 2006

ENG 494

How Great Ideas turn into Great Products

This course provides a unique, hands-on
experience on how great ideas are transformed into great products.

Technical skills and a spirit of entrepreneurship
combine to form an explosive mix with the power
to propel great new products into the
marketplace. Technologies with mass appeal and
broad applications disrupt and transform entire
markets on a global scale. The steam engine,
penicillin, photography, x-rays, blue jeans,
radio, scotch tape, computers, and the internet
are but a few familiar examples.

But why do many great ideas never make it to market?

The road from great ideas to great products is
almost never short, straight, or easy. Many
times, the journey is fraught with potholes,
speed bumps, detours, traffic jams, dead ends,
and tantalizing forks in the road.

In this course, students will perform an
in-depth, quarter-long study of a technical
product or system of their own choosing.

The course is conducted in a team-based, laboratory setting.

Course: ENG 494, Group Studies in Engineering
Subtitle: How Great Ideas Turn into Great Products­Case Studies
Credits: U 3 credit hours, graded, elective
Call number: 21027-8
Prerequisites: ENG 183, 193, or permission of Instructor
Format: 2-hour lab sessions, twice per week
Time: T R 8:30-10:18
Building / Room: HI 0214
Instructor: Dr. Phil Schlosser
More information: http://hcgl.eng.ohio-state.edu/~schlosser.36/


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