[opensource] Re: Opensource Digest, Vol 16, Issue 10

Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
Sun Jun 11 18:35:08 EDT 2006

> And "winning" the OS means commercial application
> and driver support.

And user-friendliness. you could have perfect driver support and commercial 
software, and if you are not user friendly enough, you are down the tube.

> So. While FreeBSD I'm sure has its strengths, I strongly endorse the
> distribution and evagelization of only Ubuntu for the hack-the-oval event.
> Introduce alternatives when they've already installed Ubuntu and are
> attending OSC meetings.

Neither should be "evangelized", They are both valid options, and have their 
slew of pros and cons. Also, by evangelizing and distributing only one, 
aren't you going against one of the ideas of opensource, that the user of 
the software has the options, not just the distributor?

Also, if Linux scares them away, but FreeBSD doesn't/wouldn't, then we have 
fewer visitors to the meetings than we would have otherwise. It'd be really 
nice to say "try each for a month, and see if you like one".

-The Other Jim 

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