[opensource] question: most feature-rich open source ide

Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
Sun Jun 11 19:09:20 EDT 2006

OK, so I tend to be of the idea; give everything you can find a try, and use 
the best you can find for your purposes.

Now, there are always time issues. For "IDE"s, I've used Emacs, VI, Anjuta, 
KDevelop and Visual Studios.

Emacs: nice, flexible, but a bit large, and not necessarily ideal, given the 
searching I'd have for the features I like.
VI: [I gave it a try, I really did, but, no thanks. I'd rather use "ee" or 
Anjuta: Great idea, poor implementation - too buggy for my liking. They are 
non-critical bugs, but still annoying.
KDevelop: Pretty nice, but dedicated to QT/KDE, too constricting.
Visual Sutdios: CON: limited to windows, pro - the .NET WYSIWYG gui builder, 
the documentation (for all languages and the built in APIs), auto complete, 

So, I would like to know, given what I consider the advantages of Visual 
Studios, what is the best Open Source alternative? I've heard of Eclipse, 
but I know there are others as well, so, I figured rather than hassling 
through finding and trying all of them on my own, I would ask all of you to 
give your oppinions.

Desired Criteria (basically, for vision reasons, I'd prefer to have these 
auto-on, or be able to turn these on without a lot of scrolling, my vision 
makes that kind of stuff excessively tedious - i.e. the emacs menus are 
highly painful for me - however a list of required el modules and the 
appropriate lines to add to the .emacs or .init file would be fine):
* Critical
+ Nice, but not critical
* Support of one or more of my prefered languages: C/C++, C#/.NET, PHP, 
* Auto-complete options
* Good documentation for the supported languages and APIs built in with 
quick access
* Assuming C/C++ is supported
** Features for generating configure scripts and/or makefiles for C apps 
automatically, as long as the proper info is supplied
    (such as the include directories for the systems and extra libraries)
** Automatic "build" features, and integrated debugger
+ A WYSIWYG GUI editor

This would help me in my own use, but also has some further (not-so sinister 
purposes, Jim and the BD who deposed him will have a clue with me saying 
this hint here), but I need to gather some info first.

Thanks for your assistance,
-The Other Jim 

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