[opensource] kernel sources

Nick Hurley hurley at todesschaf.org
Tue Jun 13 22:40:17 EDT 2006

On 13 Jun 2006, at 21:33, a.lathrop wrote:
> So I was just wondering, what's the difference between the gentoo- 
> sources and vanilla-sources packages in Gentoo Linux?  Now, I know  
> that the gentoo-sources kernel has been patched by the gentoo team,  
> but I can't figure out where to go to actually find out what all  
> the differences are between the sources (without diff'ing the  
> entire thing I guess).

Not being a crack addict who compiles everything from source, I  
wouldn't know :-) However, if it works anything like the BSD ports  
system, there's bound to be a patch file somewhere in the tree that  
gentoo downloads (or however they do their packaging stuff).

> Also, when one is running something like Ubuntu/Debian or another  
> distro where people have the sense to use binaries (I unfortunately  
> do not have this kind of common sense), How can you tell what you  
> have available in your pre-compiled kernel?  Does the kernel-dev  
> package (or whatever it's called) come with all of the stuff  
> enabled that the regular binary kernel does? (does that make sense?)

On Debian, at least, the kernel config is included in the binary  
kernel package. For example, I am using the package kernel- 
image-2.6.3-1-386 on my home fileserver, and, included in that  
package, is the file /boot/config-2.3.6-1-386 which is the regular  
configuration file that would be generated from using your favorite  
"make *config" and selecting the same options that Debian compiles in.

    If something is so complicated that you can't explain it in 10  
seconds, then
it's probably not worth knowing anyway.  -- Calvin

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